Marshmallow Sensei: Award Winner?!

So, rather unexpectedly I got an email the other day from the kind folks at teacherport to inform me that I’d been shortlisted for an award and that the winners would be announced the following day.

Naturally I spent a certain amount of the next day checking in on the website to see if wee lil’ Marshmallow Sensei had managed to sneak over the finish line… long story short; thank you teacherport!

I was absolutely thrilled to receive the award and I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my rather infrequent posts. Hope I can do enough to be in the running again come next year!



2 responses to “Marshmallow Sensei: Award Winner?!

  1. Congratulations! Perhaps it inspires you to blog more often from the teacher trenches on the battlefields of mind-control warfare? Or what is it we do again? 😉

    • Thanks!

      I know, I know I’ve been lazy. I just don’t like writing fluff pieces. There’s a 700 word plus blog in the works… There will also be culture shock part 3 after Christmas back in the UK.

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