About me

Born in New Jersey, raised in Yorkshire, living in Japan. Don’t worry, I’m confused too…


If you scrolled down the blog far enough you’ll have discovered that my name is Matt, indeed if you glance up at the address bar you’ll find my full name. Obviously I don’t usually go by my student given sobriquet.

I’m a freelance writer and English Language Teacher currently based in Shizuoka (formally Nagano) Prefecture, Japan.

This blog, while hosted by the very kind folk at WordPress can also be found at We Blog The World and travelblogs.com along with the fine work of many other bloggers, photographers and writers. You’ll find me, coincidentally enough, under ‘M’ for Matt in the list of bloggers at We Blog The World and lingering somewhere on travelblogs.com.

My most recent work, aside from the blog, can be found in the recently released The High on Life Book, a collection of inspiring tales from young leaders around the globe. As a ghost writer, not as a leader, because frankly I’m not all that inspiring. In addition the post Turning Japanese has recently been translated into german and included as a joint blog posting on the website of the Swiss newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Earlier work can be found predominantly on the BBC Radio Leicester website where I was a guest contributor for a number of years while studying for an English degree at the University of Leicester.

Following three years of indulging my passion for literature I ventured a little further south to dive into the world of politics, economics and other subjects of that particular ilk at University College London. While in the capital I did some work for the Canadian based charity End Poverty Nowand even contributed scenes to a Dr Seuss inspired nativity play… that was an odd Christmas. Though I remain particularly proud of Mary declaring, “Oh how, oh why, oh this can’t be, I’ve never lain with man’ said she.’

I now divide my days between teaching, writing and making ill-fated attempts at learning a new language. I could never get my head around French, so god knows why I thought Japanese would be a good idea.

If you have any interest in commissioning any of the articles on this site please feel free to contact me at the below e-mail address. Indeed if you just feel like saying hello or having a bit of a natter, please go right ahead.

Hope you enjoy the blog,

Matt aka Marshmallow Sensei



6 responses to “About me

  1. Matthew you have just brightened my day. I love that I can totally hear you ranting when I read it! keep it up sx

  2. Stephanie Harding

    Ah Matty, your writing is beautiful xx

  3. Nice to meet you Matt, very nice written About!!

  4. Thank you very much Karin, much appreciated.

  5. Hi Matt. Steve here. I actually remembered your blog name from last night.

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