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Introducing… Interviews from the Izu

The tagline on the blog reads, “born in New Jersey, raised in Yorkshire, living in Japan.”

I suppose I am a product of all those things. The shelves of American literature lining my walls back in the UK, a fairly northern sense of humour, and now after five years in Japan and a second language filling my brain with about as many words as I’ve published on this very blog, a fairly muddled Marshmallow has emerged.

I may have changed over the years thanks to those influences but one thing hasn’t changed. I’m still not comfortable being the subject matter of this blog. For one thing, I’m simply not that interesting. At least that’s what I think. I’m also limited subject matter.

However, other people. They’re fascinating. Absolutely amazing in fact. And far more fun to write about than my own language based introspection. People in Japan and connected with Japan are doing stuff that I find utterly absorbing. I think you will to.

I’ve posted today the first of what will be many interviews on my new website:

Please give it a look. At the very least the post has some beautiful shots by the chap at

From time to time I’ll be posting on Marshmallow Sensei on Education and Language matters but from now on most of my energy will be spent over at the new site.

Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to read Marshmallow Sensei. It’s not dead but it is going to be relaxing for a while.

All the best